Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Microsoft Presents Tablet Windows 8

Competitive world of the tablet which is currently dominated by two platforms only, IOS and Android, Microsoft seems to realize. If their latest operating system at this time, Windows 8, want to exist in the world of tablet, Microsoft should have its own tablet device. Operating system is Microsoft's latest operating system that is claimed quite friendly as it can also be used for the tablets.

Currently, rumors if Microsoft is considering launching their own tablets are likely to come with their flagship platform, Windows 8. Microsoft is rumored to have put forward a formal offer of cooperation to the two companies are Texas Instruments and one of the company as OEM / ODM in Taiwan. Tablets made by Microsoft is targeted to be released late 2012.

To face tough competition from two giant companies producing tablets, namely Apple (IPAD with its App Store) and Google (Android with its Android Market) Microsoft learned some strategies steps. One way is to copy the branding strategies of other Microsoft products, such as the Xbox 360, Zune, Kin smartphones, and TV.

Although Microsoft is still looking for opportunities to develop business in various segments of their own products, one segment is considered successful is the Xbox 360. For other products, such as Zune, Kin smartphones, and TV, has not reached a satisfactory target.

Perhaps, on the basis that Microsoft wants to try looking at business opportunities in the tablet segment, hoping to bring a competitive rivalry with the presence of their tablets are packaged using the Windows platform 8.

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