Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Blogger, How to Increase Alexa Rank

Good Evening and best wishes for all. This time I will post on how to increase Alexa. Of course you all want your Alexa rank improving by leaps and bounds. Here I will discuss his ways, shall no longer snout I would write down the ways:

1. Install the Alexa Widget
The trick is we must do the registration on, and follow the instructions to add it on our blog.

2. Install Alexa Toolbar
Anyone who frequently visit your blog ...? Of your own, so download the Alexa toolbar. The function of the Alexa toolbar is also, in addition to increasing traffic in alexa rankings as well as spy tools to view and analyze the greatness of other blogs. When we installed the Alexa toolbar in your browser, on the lower right corner of the screen you will find the ranking of the sites we visit. This is one of greatness Alexa toolbar.

3. Invite people
Invite everyone you know and frequently visit your blog to install the Alexa toolbar. Find a way to ask her.

4. Increase Backlinks or Inbound Links
To increase the alexa page rank is by way of memperbanyakan link to our blog. There are various ways to make backlinks or inbound links that point on our blog.

5. Diligent or Updating Blog Post
By continuing to diligently write, post it means that we continue to present the information. So that will continue to have a visit to the blog. Try to regularly update your blog even though it is not often. We do not like this blog once the Alexa rank of 600 thousand but now it is swollen to 3 million because it is rarely updated.

6. Increase Page View Blog
Not only complains once it comes, but for visitors to the blog to open another page in the blog, reading more posts. More and more viewnya page, such as the average visitor clicks to open 3 pages or more. If there are 300 visitors a day and viewnya page 900 it is better to increase the alexa page rank blogs.

7. Bookmark the blog as the homepage
Set your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, etc.) so that the homepage to your blog. So when you open the browser, which first appeared is your blog.

8. Create posts related to Alexa
He said Alexa was practically flirtatious. So we can seduce, flirt Alexa by making posts that contain about Alexa as posts that I made this. The important thing is to use tags or keywords such as Alexa, Alexa Rank, Alexa Widget, and others. So today I spend the time to write about this Alexa.

9. Invite guests to write reviews of your blog
One of the widgets provided by Alexa is a Widget Reviews, please post it on your blog. When someone clicks it, he will be connected to the Alexa site and will be asked to write a review on our blog.

10. Prayer and Try
The latter is surely you all know. To get something we should try and be supported by prayer.

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