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Hot, 5 Ways to Improve Alexa Rank

One form of assessment to a blog or a website is little more than the number of visitors to your blog / website. Although not entirely true, but alexa rank will determine how many visitors your website. When you see a website with alexa rank 1 or 2, of course, you will immediately think that more people are visiting the website of the websites that have alexa rank 100,000.

Did you know that that is usually ranked alexa number 1 is While the number 2 ranking alexa is facebook...?

Can you imagine that both the website has millions of visitors per day. So if you want to be ranked number 1 or number 2 in the alexa .. then you are actually in a state of dreaming 99.999999999% by a quick increase alexa rank you.

So we must be realistic .. how to quickly improve alexa ranking you can only increase the ranking of alexa step by step. Ranked alexa increased to 10 times better alone (the figure to about 10% of the Alexa rankings original) has been very good. Especially if alexa ranking you have under 100,000.

How to quickly improve alexa ranking first is to use traffic originating from advertising . You can just put an ad, and others will visit your website. Thus although this method requires no small cost. And if alexa ranking you are already high, please reduce your advertising costs little by little, or maybe just put an ad on a website which provides free advertising plug. drawback using boost alexa ranking is a cost that you pay can be quite large, and if your website not too famous, then when your ad is reduced alexa ranking you will be able to go down drastically.

How to quickly increase alexa ranking the second is using a blog walking way . Please visit the various websites and attach a link to your site do aka "stocking charm". It could be that someone else will travel through the link you put it. besides blog walking, you can also exchange links (link exchange).

How to quickly improve alexa ranking the third is to use auto surf ways . But when you use this method also note the ads that you plug in your own website, you do not get banned because of using autosurf.

How to quickly improve alexa ranking the fourth is multiply your post . The more posts that you do will more people will be netted from the search engines like google, yahoo, bing, or other. This method is only effective if you consistently do the posting.

How to quickly increase alexa rank the fifth is install widget alexa rank . This method is the easiest way. By installing a widget alexa rank on your website, so if there are people who visit your site will be more easily recorded in the database alexa . And alexa ranking you will be better than ever.

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