Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Rewrite the English Title for You’ve Fallen For Me

Speak now or forever hold your peace! Here’s your chance to name the drama that has already undergone one name change, from Festival to You’ve Fallen For Me [넌 내게 반했어], which is now the Korean title of the drama.

But apparently one title is not enough, since the production company has decided to hold a second title contest, for a separate English title. And YOU get to do it! I know there are some very talented people ’round these parts, from the myriad of hilarious titles some of you threw out when Maids was being renamed.

You’ve Fallen For Me / Festival / Whatchoo Wanna Callit stars Jung Yong Hwa as a bad boy rocker with his band The Stupid, and Park Shin-hye as a classical musician training in traditional Korean instruments (think gayageum, the stringed instrument people play sitting down, wearing hanboks). One day, the girl who knows nothing of contemporary music gets dragged to a concert where she sees The Stupid rockin’ out, and the rest, as they say, is history. Song Chang-eui (yay!) will co-star as the broadway-producer-turned-director who will ignite their dreams.

You can throw down your title ideas here at Drama Fever, and vote.

Okay…now I have to come up with one. How about… Love me Stupid? For Whom the Gayageum Tolls? Yeah…I suck at this game. (I vote Stupid In Love. Or I'm With the Band. Okay, I suck at it too)

The drama, whatever its title, premieres Wednesday June 29 on MBC, following Best Love, and will be available simultaneously over at Drama Fever.

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