Minggu, 24 April 2011

Lie to Me Releases Poster Stills

Here’s a look at one of the strong contenders in the upcoming Battle of the May Trendies: Lie to Me‘s stars shoot a few stills as the drama gears up for its premiere in just over two weeks. In case you’re feeling as rushed as I am about this drama, you’re not imagining it. The drama that was supposed to follow Midas in the upcoming May Monday-Tuesday slot was originally Poseidon, which began production many moons ago… it just hasn’t made much progress since. Once Poseidon got put on indefinite hold, Lie to Me, originally slated for the post-Poseidon time slot, got bumped up. Talk about lighting a fire under your ass.

That pretty much guarantees that Lie to Me will be a live-shoot drama right out of the gate, whereas most shows have at least a head start (a few episodes in the can) when the first half of the episodes air. At least we know that stars Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan are no strangers to the game. Let’s hope their chemistry is the instant-spark kind, and not the kind requiring months of prep. Because, uh…that option’s out the window. But they look great together in the poster still, and I have no doubt they’ll knock it out of the park in the romance department.

All said, the production has done a pretty good job of releasing stills and what they can, in lieu of the steady stream of promotional materials that usually comes before a show for months, eventually tiring us all out with over-saturation. Hm. Maybe this is better!

Lie to Me premieres Monday May 9 on SBS.

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